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NJ Preparer Tools

Scratch Pads Upd

Simple Scratch Pad Tool

Form Lookup Upd

Interactive lookup of input and associated navigation to the appropriate TaxSlayer screen

NJ Municipality Code Lookup Tool

Lookup NJ Municipality Codes

NJ IRA (403b/457b/TSP) Worksheet Upd

Calculate Taxable and Excluded amounts for IRA, 403b, 457b, and TSP accounts. (Like the no longer available TWO NJ IRA Worksheet - but better!)

NJ Use Tax Worksheet Upd

Calculate Use Tax (Easier than finding the appropriate page in the NJ-1040 Instructions?) (Also designed so you can look up amounts for prior year return, too)

State Tax Refund Upd

Calculate taxable amounts for 1040, lines 10 (State Income Tax refunds) and 21 (Recoveries) (Like the no longer available TWO St Tax Refund Worksheet - but better!)

NJ Sales Tax Upd

Calculate 1040, line 5b amount for prior years (New Jersey only)

NJ PTR Income Categories Tool (v15.0)

Fill outthe PTR Income Categories worksheet - You provide values from the tax return and the tool calculates values for the PTR-1 and PTR-2 Income Categories page(s).

Qualifying Child / Qualifying Relative Flowchart Tool

Traverse the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Qualifying Child / Qualifying Relative Flowchart.