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TaxSlayer Intro for Experienced Preparers

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Student Resources:

What Notes
General Information for all FAME Problems Upd Important Instructions and Notes that apply to all Familiarization problems.
Please have this handy when working on any of the individual problems.
TaxSlayer Resources page A list of miscellaneous helpful TaxSlayer resources
TaxSlayer Introduction Morris WkShop.pptx Upd Harry's presentation for the class
NJ TaxSlayer Demo Webinar recording Upd Oct 5th NJ TaxSlayer Demo Webinar recording (90 mins) - Entry of the White problem.
(Note: May take a minute to start if needs to download WebEx Recording player app)

Link to TaxSlayer Practice Lab TY2015

Class Problem:

Problem Intake Scenario Printed Other Notes
FAME-00 White 09-04-2016 Upd 12-07-2016 Upd 11-05-2016 Upd Scratch Pad (09-05-2016) Upd
Refund Monitor (12-07-2016) Upd

Student Problems:

Problem Intake Scenario Printed Other Notes
FAME-01 Meadows 09-17-2016 Upd 09-05-2016 Upd 09-17-2016 Upd Annuity Calculator (09-05-2016) Upd  
FAME-02 Scott 09-20-2016 Upd 12-07-2016 Upd 12-07-2016 Upd    
FAME-03 Thompson 09-05-2016 Upd 10-27-2016 Upd 09-05-2016 Upd Affordability Worksheet (09-05-2016) Upd  

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